Title: DUX
System: Dreamcast
Released: 17th June 2009 /1.5 coming 2011
Developer: HUCAST.net & KonTechs Ltd.
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50hz Infinitive Life Bug

On the original DUX release there was an "50hz Infinitive Life Bug" which will be solved with 1.5 coming soon. See below for further information.


Q: What was this bug about?

A: The infinitive life bug allowed you to gain infintive life in stage one by soaking up too many bullets.

Q: How do I know if it appears on my console?

The bug only appeared on PAL devices by using a RGB cable, Composite or any non-VGA cable. It didn't appear on any NTSC consoles. It however did not appear on PAL consoles via VGA. Rule of thumb: The bug only appears when a 50hz video signal is given. It does not appear on any 60hz video signals.

A: I own the original disc release, can I get the bug fix for free?

Yes. However you will pay shipping. Its only possible to receive the bug fix via PayPal payment.

Q: I down't own the game, can I get the bug fix for free?

A: No.

Q: I have the game but no PayPal, can I receive the bug fix?

A: No, sorry. Do not enquire/request.

Q: How can I order the bug fix disc?

A: Send the right amount of money to via PayPal to receive the bug fix disc.


Orders will open in the next few month. As long as stock holds. Do not enquire about the bug fix until orders are open. Any enquires before orders are open will be ignored. Feel free to send any enquires once orders are open. Orders are not open yet.

Regular & LE


It's on Its Way


It's Done.

DUX is now done. Producing and releasing this game can take about two weeks.


All pre-orders getting a small sticker as a bonus, and all first 100 pre-orders that get an poster are also getting the standalone OST as a bonus. Btw, on the Original Soundtrack that comes with the LE you can find an exlusive outtake tune and also three re-arranges from the Obvious Soundtrack.

Thanks for your patience.

Update 1, unless something unexpected happens you can expect the game around 12th June. This release date however is just an estimation, more on this soon.

Update 2, to release DUX REG and DUX LE to the same time, the release is now 17th June for both editions.

Update 3, because of logistical reasons, shipment of the game is like following:

15th June: shipment of DUX within Germany
16th June: shipment of DUX for Europe
17th June: shipment of DUX to USA and DUX LE worldwide

As you probably won't receive a shipment confirmation, please do not ask before the 15th July if your order has been sent, thanks.

Buss Rush

Here's a showing 5 of 6 boss fights.

On a sidenote, the bugs of the game aren't that critical as previously assumed. So it shouldn't take very long anymore.

Small Notice

There's still trouble left with KOS, but I'm sure we can solve the issues within the next few weeks.

Change of your Shipping Address?

The following message is for the people who have a pre-order pending on HUCAST.net

When your shipping address has changed from the date of your order, please send a and tell your new shipping address. Please only reply, when you are sure, your address has changed.


Bug Report

While the game itself is finished to 99,9 percent we currently have a small programmning issue. This issue is independent form the game so it has something to do with the dev environment KallistiOS. So, the release of this game is now depending on this bug, but we also have contact to the KOS team to solve this issue. This is all for now.

Advantages of the Delays

Given DUX is receiving many delays since its first release date announced at april 2008, I'd like to explain a bit how these delays have been occurred and how its all for the good of the game.

Originally DUX has been intended just to be side-project with only 5 stages and simple scoring system. During the development our quality bar to meet has been increased from time to time, so upgrading and expanding is what we're using the delays for. Now the game is a full-scale project with 6 instead 5 stages. Additionally, most stages are longer and featuring way more enemy types then before. The game also now features a more advanced scoring system, given the bullet soaking ability of your pod. The difficulty settings are more balanced as well, to make the game a fair but still challenging experience. All in all the game has a lot of advantages from its extra time given, which is of course a good thing for players.

To give an exact release date is currently hardly possible, because this depends on very hard to estimate factors. From now on I'll report how thing going with the release of this game more frequent.


As you can see, the DUX Soundtrack is know finished, the release date is 3rd February. It comes with a digipak and a fully illustrated 12 page booklet with some info about the music. This Soundtrack features 21 tunes, 12 of them are original tracks form the game, while the remaining 9 tunes are remixes done by various musicians.




MP3: Original | Remix

You can order this Soundtrack at this shop.


It's Almost Done

Given DUX is almost done, it only takes about a month to release this game. Currently end of February is aimed, but perhaps early March becomes more realizable as issues may happen. So gameplaywise the game is already on spot and all important features are implentent - from now it's just about the last bits, and publishing this game.

By this opportunity I'd like to thank all purchasers who are patience about their pre-order, and aren't abused by the many delays. The additional development time that the game receives makes it a way better game then it should have been orginally. Taking pre-orders early also assures the quality of the product, as its an active investment to the games development budget. Additionaly, there's going to be a (very) small bonus for all DUX pre-orders on HUCAST.net

Btw, the soundtrack of the game is going to be published early February instead of January


Obvious Soundtrack

All remixes which appear to be part of the seperate Obvious Soundtrack are already complete, so an OST release in january is very likely. Please note, the Original Soundtrack that comes with the DUX LE instead, just features all original tunes.

Obvious Soundtrack (seperate)

01 Title
02 Stage 1, Entrance to Trance
03 Stage 2, A Cave Full of Water
04 Stage 3, Material Mine
05 Stage 4, Purple Spaces
06 Stage 5, Radiax‘s Den
07 Stage 6, Obviously Obvious
08 Gameover
09 Boss Fight
10 Boss Win
11 Highscore
12 Credits
13 Bloomin' Cave - Zzr
14 Kickin' Cave - Space One
15 Warrior Dance Mix - CZ-Tunes
16 Dynamite Disco Dux - CJoe
17 Score the Darkness - Awesome-A
18 Chillin' Goose - Awesome-A
19 Sidastic! - Awesome-A
20 Ride the Mix - Nate/VST
21 You Just Don't Understand - Nate/VST

Original Soundtrack (Comes with LE)

01 Title [Extended]
02 Stage 1, Entrance to Trance
03 Stage 2, A Cave Full of Water
04 Stage 3, Material Mine
05 Stage 4, Purple Spaces
06 Stage 5, Radiax‘s Den
07 Stage 6, Obviously Obvious
08 Gameover
09 Boss Fight
10 Boss Win
11 Highscore
12 Credits

13 Score the Darkness [Re-Arrange]
14 Chillin' Goose [Re-Arrange]
15 Sidastic![Re-Arrange]

16 Loader [Outtake]
17 SFX Collection

Now enjoy this remix preview!

Update, more tracks for the Original Soundtrack.


Another Delay

As the trailer shows DUX has almost reached its final state. So the game itself is pretty much finished but it takes more time to get the game run flawlessly on the Dreamcast - that's the main reason why this game has yet to be released. Currently it's not easy to give an exact release date so you can expect the game early next year.

We hope everyone who has a pre-order for the game is not discouraged by the many delays and understands that we want to make and release an flawless product.

Btw, If you already have a pre-order for the regular DUX you can easily upgrade to an LE by using this contact form.


Stage 3 Video

This video shows alpha footage of stage 3.


Codec packs: ffdshow or ccp

Download: dux_stage3_alpha.avi (21.5 MB/H.264)

This is one of the games most atomospheric stages, and as seen it features many light effects.


Even more Time

While DUX is already in very good shape, it takes more time to finishing and publishing this game. Of course we use the time to make the game better to meet the high quality bar aimed.

To prevent further delays, an exact relase date is to be announced when the game is finished.



This game features a Risk & Reward scoring system based on enemy and bullet chaining. To chain means to hit an row of enemy and likewise soaking up bullets within a short time frame. You can use all your power to chain enemies, but be carefully with bombs and rockets as they might break your chain.


The power pod in front of the ship is able to soak up enemy bullets when blocking them directly and when Hyper Soaking is active, bullets even accalerate to fly to your pod like it was magnetic. You can use this feature to let bullets - which aren't very reachable and/or more on screen then you can handle at a time - heading to your pod to gain more score.


To activate Hyper Soaking just press R, then your soaking bar decreases to the minimum while soaking up bullets - mind, the more bullets you soak the longer the hyper soaking stays active. Furthermore, you can collect Soak Up items to increase your soak bar.

While hyper soaking, enemy bullets are harmless to you, so you can also use this feature as a bullet shield when playing for survival instead scoring. But be warned, enemies themselves and their lasers can still defeat you.


Sometimes you have multiple ways to destroy certains enemy types such as Bullies. This enemy just flies up and down and has its hitzone in the middle. Now you can just shoot the Bully up or fly behind it and shoot at it from there. The hitzone on its back is weaker and gives you more score to gain. To do this is pretty dangerous, but if you risk it you can get your reward.


Material Mine

As mentioned in the prevoius entry, here are screens of Stage 3.




These screens showing an development status of roughly 95%.

As you may can see, this stage takes place in a mine factory. The whole stage is pretty dangerous with enemies coming from roof ground and all sides.


More Time then Expected

As DUX needs more time to be finished then expected, the game will be released on the 28th September instead August this year. This release date should be more confident, given the overall progressing status of the game.

So, expect some screenshots of Stage 3 soon.


Soundtrack Medley

Since the DUX soundtrack composed by Andre Neumann is already complete, you can now listen to its several minutes long preview.


DUX Medley (5:32min./MP3)

Here's a note by the composer hilmself: 'To me it was important to get a Soundtrack that sounds a bit like the 80's 90's shooters and combining that with some new electro/orchestra elements, to fit the games fresh and atmospheric style. From a technical point of view, I used the Fruity
Loops 7 sequencer with some virtual instruments to make this happen. I added some additional sound effects in some of the tracks to increase sound harmony. In stage 2, a water fullfilled cave,  you can hear some atmospheric water bubble effects. On stage 5, Radiax's Den, the Geiger counter adds to the atomically radiated atmosphere.

I hope you like the result!!

Andre Neumann

I hope so too.

If you like what you hear you can also pre-order the DUX OST CD at the HUCAST.net shop. Pre-order pricing is 12 EUR while retail pricing is about 15 EUR - release is August/September.


HUCAST.net Shop

From now on you can pick up a selection of quality independent video games here on HUCAST.net - orders from world wide are accepted and of course you can still pre-order DUX.


Happy shopping!


Stage 2 Video

This video shows alpha footage of stage 2.


Codec packs: ffdshow or ccp

Download: dux_stage2_alpha.avi (67.1MB/H.264)

As seen the game makes a good progress, so hopefully an release in July is possible.

Update, you can now subscribe yourself on the HUCAST.net newsletter: . When pre-ordering you already have been added on the newsletter list.


Know Your Enemy Part 3

Here's the last part of the enemy show.


Every bunch of Vogels is led by one leading Vogel. When eliminating the leader, each Vogel will re-arrange to change their formation. Now, it's easier to blast-off a complete line of enemies at the same time.
This walker is walking on the ground and shoots aimed bullets at you.
Galama swims through the cave and drops some exploding bullets from its back. It's recommend to put the pod on the backside when encountering this enemy.
Dreher flies around and is pretty quick. When turning a complete circle ths enemy gets pretty dangerous.

Vogel appears in Stage 4, Walker in Stage 1, Galama in Stage 2 and Dreher in Stage 3.


Boss Enemies


Say hello to three of overall six boss enemies appearing in DUX.

Stage 1 Boss

Krebs is the first stage boss to encounter. This boss has some sort of nippers opening and closing during the fight, so take care of that. Naturally, the boss will spit some bullets at you including a strong beam and some snake-like moving yellow shots. The beam is coming ot of the boss enemies hitzone and should be avoided as it will penetrate your shield. The yellow shot instead, which is also shown in the stage 1 teaser video, is to be absorbed with the pod. You can also point those yellow shots into a certain direction to make them easier for dodging.

Stage 2 Boss

Blumas is a huge mechanic flower. It will tossing dozens of bullet at you at a time to be doged. Those flower shaped bullets can be really dangerous, especially when they have enough time to explode to spit out even more bullets.

Stage 5 Boss

Radiax is an mutated creature living in a radio active contaminated den. Those little tentacle will shoot some shot some bullet at you, so eliminate them. When fighting against this boss enemy you will also take care of a long snake, which trying to get in touch with you.

In the final, alls these boss enemies will have more attacks then described here.


Preorders Are Now Open

You can now pre-order DUX for Dreamcast.


Here you can see DUXs cover art. The final may looks slightly different but all in all it will look like this. The first 100 pre-orders will receive an bonus poster that shows the cover art. (update: all posters are already gone, you can still pre-order the game.)

DUX will also runs region free on every DC build before 2001 which are the very most of DCs ever build.

Update, the game will come in a DVD case instead of a Jewelcase.


Stage 1 Video

This video shows parts of the first stage finished to roughly 90%. The final stage has more lenght and the boss enemy will have more attacks. Also, an option to adjust background brigthness by yourself, to make it more or less stand out from foreground and sprites, will be included. Music is a roughmix.


This video shows an early development status.
Codec packs: ffdshow or ccp

Download: dux_stage1_teaser.avi (29.1MB/H.264)

Overall there will be 6 stages and I will explain each stage when time is given. Just for now you will encounter a space port, an water filled cave, a mine facility, a hyper space zone, an atomicly radiated den and last but not least the hideout of the terror itself.

Additional videos of DUX to follow when more stages are ready.


Know Your Enemy Part 2

Let's continue with the enemies of DUX.


This one comes in groups and each of every Lasor enemies is connected via some sort of laser with another of its type. You have to squeeze your ship trough those lasers by chance.
Rushes down the waterfalls and stays on the waters surface. They will spit several bullets simultaneously at you. They also will try tracing your ship while sliding on the waters surface. You better eliminate them as fast a you can.
Chuba flies around the cave's corners without shooting, which would be pretty hamrless when they wouldn't come in masses.
Buxa is dropping some explosive bombs from its back at your ship. You can eliminate those bombs with your pod, try avoiding them or just eliminate the Buxas itself.
This flower sticks on the walls to spit some pollen at you. Shoot 'em up or fly trough their flower shower without getting hit.

All these enemies appear to be in stage 2.


An Water Fulfilled Cave

Here you can see a few screens of DUXs 2nd stage.




These screens showing an early development status of roughly 80%.

Note: Water effect is premature, full background has yet to be implented.

As shown this stage is full of water and creatures. Some of the enemies will spit flower shaped pollen at you while others will make you squeezing your ship through their laser barriers. More about the enemies of this stage with the next entry.


Know Your Enemy Part 1

To make full use of your arms, naturally every stage is fullfiled with various types of enemies to be blasted off. A selection of them will be shown here.


It's the first enemy which appears to be in the game. It's almost harmless cannonfodder so just shoot em' up.
Bogas movement is simple and straightforward but take care - they're fast.
Cannons installed on the ground and roof shooting aimed bullets at you. Using bombs, the bouncing laser or a charged beam beam will neutralize them easily.
Bullies can be tricky sometimes but don't get fooled by its movements. Make use of their weak point at the flipside of each Bully by bashing your pod into them.
This enemy turns half-circles but that's easy to manage.

All these enemies appear to be in stage 1.

More enemies and some screenshots when time is given.

René |


Use Your Arms

To shoot yourself through the space alien scum you will need following arms. Depending on the games situation you can change the actual wep by picking up the individual item since all of them has strong and weak points.



Maximizes the power of the on-board shots including hyper charge beam. This shot is very helpful to get read of a bunch of enemies at the same time and it also makes more damage on boss enemies.

Potency: Does a lot of damage to boss enemies, and takes many enemies to death on one blast.
Weakness: Pretty slow to load.



Warps two lasers with bouncing effect onto the environment. This bouncinglaser can be quite powerfull, when it's used right. Especially cannons on the roof and ground will fear this laser. Not so recommend for boss encounters.

Potency: This shot can do a lot of damage to enemies when bouncing along the walls.
Weakness: Doesn't harm boss enemies too much due to the 45° shooting angle.


Fires a strong x-shaped laser onto the screen and has a minor bouncing abillity depending on the active power level. Use the enviroment with this x-ray shot to make this weapon even more dangerously. Maybe the strongest weapon in the game but seldom to find.
Potency: Very powerfull, especially with bouncing abbility active.
Weakness: Relative low shoot frequency and saldom to find.

Additionally to this fire power, you can get upgradable rockets and bombs. All in all this selection of weps in this is pretty straightforward and increases efficiency when used properly.

Next time some enemies will be introduced.



Hello and welcome to the DUX news blog.

I am René Hellwig and as you may already have heard I'm currently developing a 2D shooter for the Sega Dreamcast to be released this year on a physical disc.

I choosed the horizontal memorize type of shooting as personal preference and because the Dreamcast could easily need more of them. Border Down and Last Hope is just not enough. Speaking about Last Hope, you may know that I'm actually part of the NG:DEV.TEAM and that our next Neogeo shooting game is still in progress, so it will hopefully get an relase next year.

So let's take a look at DUX.




These screens showing an early development status of roughly 65%.

As shown DUX will completely consist out of CGI to use the advantages of Dreamcasts 2D capabilities. So the game features high-resolution to allow some super smooth graphics in 60fps. Also notices, the game is still in development but the screens present the games overal look pretty well. The final results will look much better.

As the screens also hopefully show, this is going to be memorizing shooting. So it will be necessarily to memorize some parts of the game here and there, but there's still a focus on action. When you never have heard about memorizing in shooters then you probably never heard of R-Type. Yet DUX won't be just a clone of mentioned classic, but rather a modern and standalone game inspiried by the games within the same subgenre. By saying modern I mean this memorizer will take the advantages of recent shooting games to combine it with an undying gaming concept. Accessibility, highly-visible bullets and a lot of those simultanesly on screen, are one of the advantages - just to name a few of them.

I'd also like to briefly introduce the development team of DUX.

René Hellwig: Graphic and Game Design
Martin Konrad: Code
Andre Neumann: Music

That's all for now, see you soon with the next entry.

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